How It Works

Step 1
Select a template you would like us to use in our shop or you can describe it and we can fully customize it for you.
Step 2
Send us your photos, and our cartoonist will review your photo first see if we can use it, we will get back to you for more photos if your photo cannot be used.
Step 3
Our Cartoonist will draw you in sketch, and we will email it to you for approval( for fully custom caricature only), if all required details are included, we will move on to next step.
Step 4
Start rendering up in colours, no need to confirm at this step.
Step 5
Rendering finished, we will send you this picture for preview, and at this step, we will not accept any changes.If your order does not include a background, we will send you the high quality version via email.
Step 6
If a background is included in your order, we will add the background and send you the high quality version via email.

Please note that the size of the image we give you is in high quality which is 300 DPI, if you wonder what does DPI means? here is the answer, basically with the picture we give you, its quality will allow you to produce many gift products, such as poster, post card, greeting card, cup, large picture or even huge poster for wedding.