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Hello world, today is finally live. It’s been couple of month’s hard works that our developers have been working on. And finally today it is time to meet the world ;D .

 You may wonder what is cartoon me? What is this site all about? Basically, offers services that cartoonize yourself; you may see cartoonized stars on internet, and wonder what it would looks like to cartoonize yourself into it? We are not simply just use software to render it such as photoshop, we do redraw you digitally first and render it with photoshop, and it does takes time to do it, usually it takes 2 – 3 days to complete, so it is not a simple process.  :D 

 Checkout the following work that our cartoonists have done to our customers: 




It is fun, isn’t??!!! the good thing is with the final work, you can produce any kind of gifts such as Framed prints, Poster, T-shirt, Umbrellas, Chopping boards, Mugs, mouse mats etc, anything that allow you to personalize. And the final work we present you is in very high quality which is 300 DPI, with such quality, it almost allow you to print on anything you could imagine. 


And it is fully customized, apart from our existing template you could select, we also could fully design you in any way that you request. 


Want to have one for this Christmas?? Visit our shop section and choose your template or fully customize your cartoon me now. :D 


Happy cartoonizing.