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cartoon portrait

Happy New Year guys, thanks for all your supports in such short time. We've had a really good time in Xmas, orders were coming every few minutes and our cartoonists had been BUSY ever!!! And we had to hire more cartoonists to complete our orders.

That had been proved that this gift idea is well accepted. And people love to have their cartoon portrait done with us and produce it into further gift ideas.

In this new year, we will produce more selections for you and unfortunately, we have to add water marks on it as we have noticed that someone are using our work pretend to be theirs. But no worries, we will remove water marks in the final work that send to you.

Also in this year, we will hire more people for our marketing team so we can be fitted into social network such as twitter, facebook etc.

That’s a breif plan for this year and yes, lot more will coming and we also have a sale season coming soon. Please visit our blog often or subscribe it to get latest updates.